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    Erroneous Himalayan glacier statement in IPCC report undermines evidence of global warming


    An error on Himalayan glaciers in an IPCC report didn’t affect its broader conclusion

    The International Panel on Climate Change was established by the United Nations to provide governments a scientific view of what is happening to the climate. The IPCC’s fourth report, issued in 2007, erroneously claimed it was very likely that glaciers in the Himalaya would disappear by 2035 if they continue receding at the present rate. (The British science magazine New Scientist reported that the claim originated in an article it published in 1999.)

    The IPCC admitted that this was an error, but repeated its broader conclusion that “widespread mass losses from glaciers and reductions in snow cover over recent decades are projected to accelerate throughout the 21st century.” The IPCC wrote, “This conclusion is robust, appropriate, and entirely consistent with the underlying science and the broader IPCC assessment.”