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    Barack Obama was responsible for killing immigration reform in 2007


    Obama voted for immigration reform in 2007 as a senator

    Barack Obama voted in favor of comprehensive immigration reform as a senator in 2007, while Senate Republicans made up the bulk of the votes cast against it. Reuters reported at the time that the immigration reform bill "exposed a deep lack of support among Bush's own Republicans" and that President Bush "was unable to overcome fierce opposition from fellow Republicans who said it was an amnesty that rewarded" undocumented immigrants. Reuters further reported that most Republican senators voted against the final version of the bill:

    The legislation failed to garner even a simple majority.

    Only 33 Democrats, 12 Republicans and one independent voted to advance the bill, while 15 Democrats joined 37 Republicans and one independent to block it.

    Five of the six senators running for president voted in favor of the overhaul: Republican John McCain and Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Christopher Dodd and Joe Biden.