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    Barack Obama tried to get Iraq to delay troop withdrawals until he became President


    Obama told Iraqi officials he would stay out of their talks with Bush on troop presence

    This unfounded allegation comes from a New York Post column about a meeting with Iraqi officials that Obama attended in July 2008. ABC News reported that Bush administration officials denied the claim:

    A Bush administration official with knowledge of the meeting says that, during the meeting, Obama stressed to al-Maliki that he would not interfere with President Bush’s negotiations concerning the U.S. troop presence in Iraq, and that he supports the Bush administration’s position on the need to negotiate, as soon as possible, the Status of Forces Agreement, which deals with, among other matters, U.S. troops having immunity from local prosecution.


    Two officials of the Bush administration say that if Obama had done what the Post story asserted -- which they believe to be untrue -- Crocker and embassy officials attending the meeting would have ensured that the Bush administration heard about it immediately. If such an incident occurred in front of officials of the Bush administration, it would have constituted a foreign policy breach and would have been front-page huge news; it would not have leaked out two months later in an op-ed column.