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    Barack Obama permitted a Cuban flag to be displayed in a campaign office in 2008


    A volunteer at an unofficial Obama 2008 campaign displayed a Cuban flag

    The flag, which included an image of Che Guevara, was hung in a Houston office that was funded and run by volunteers, not the Obama campaign. A report by the local Fox TV station included video of the flag, and after controversy ensued, the station added text on its website noting that the office was not an official headquarters.

    In response, the Obama campaign released this statement:

    This is a volunteer office that is not in any way controlled by the Obama campaign. We were disappointed to see this picture because it is both offensive to many Cuban-Americans -- and Americans of all backgrounds -- and because it does not reflect Senator Obama’s views. Barack Obama has been very clear in putting forward a Cuba policy that is based on one principle: freedom for the Cuban people.