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    Barack Obama gave Interpol the right to arrest U.S. citizens on U.S. soil


    Interpol does not make arrests in the U.S. or anywhere else

    In December 2009, Obama amended an executive order originally signed by President Reagan that granted certain immunities to Interpol. Reagan gave Interpol the same immunity from lawsuits and judicial processes as is enjoyed by foreign governments, and Obama added immunity from searches.

    This action spawned the conspiracy theory that Obama was allowing Interpol to arrest Americans. In fact, the conservative publication Human Events quoted Interpol’s secretary general, Ronald Noble, explaining that Interpol does not conduct investigations or make arrests in the United States or anywhere else:

    “We don’t have any armed agents. We don’t have police officers who go into other countries and make arrests,” said Noble. “It’s not like the movies. It’s not like James Bond, not like ‘The International’.”

    Interpol’s charge is to serve as a communications center and clearinghouse for law enforcement in its 188 member countries. The agency keeps records on terrorists, drug traffickers and other criminals, operates a lost-and-stolen passport service, and aids police in tracking down fugitives who may have crossed borders by sending alerts to other countries.

    Once a fugitive is discovered, any arrests are made by local law enforcement, not Interpol agents. Instead of a Glock and a license to kill, he said, the average agent carries nothing more dangerous than a Blackberry.