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    Banning abortion will end abortions


    Outlawing abortion only forces women to obtain unsafe procedures

    The Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit research group that advocates for reproductive health, says, “Making abortion illegal does not stop it from occurring -- it just forces women to obtain clandestine and unsafe procedures.”

    In a 2009 report, Guttmacher reported:

    The fact that the abortion rate in the less developed world, where the procedure is legally restricted in many countries, is quite similar to that in the more developed world, where abortion is largely permitted on broad grounds in almost all countries, confirms the lack of an inherent relationship between the prevalence of abortion and its legal status. Abortion rates can be quite low in some countries where the procedure is legal on broad grounds, and quite high in many countries where it is highly restricted. Restricting abortion by law does not guarantee a low abortion rate, nor does permitting it on broad grounds guarantee a high rate. Legal status does, however, affect the safety of abortion.

    Guttmacher published this infographic in 2013: