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    A North American Union that will eliminate U.S. sovereignty is imminent


    The North American nations entered a trade agreement in 2005; it was abandoned in 2009

    This is a conspiracy theory about a trade and security agreement entered into by the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Boston Globe reported that in 2005, “President Bush, along with then-President Vicente Fox of Mexico and then-Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada, held a summit in Waco, Texas, and announced the creation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership [SPP], a framework for greater continental cooperation on trade and security issues.”

    The “North American Union” conspiracy theory is based on the fear that a European Union-style continental partnership would eventually replace the three nations’ sovereign governments. But as the Globe reported in 2007:

    So how real is the [North American Union]? In the literal sense, not very. Its underpinnings turn out to be a hodgepodge of mostly unconnected facts and suppositions.


    The SPP does exist, and its tri-national task forces continue to meet, but its members consider it a way for the United States, Canada, and Mexico to collaborate on issues such as customs, environmental and safety regulations, narcotics smuggling, and terrorism.

    Even that part of the conspiracy theory eventually crumbled. The Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, noted that the SPP was terminated in 2009.