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    A New England Journal of Medicine survey found half of doctors would quit over Obamacare


    Conservatives hyped an unscientific survey about the effect of Obamacare on doctors

    The survey in question, in which doctors replied by email, was not a scientific poll. It was conducted in 2009 by a physician recruitment company called the Medicus Firm, not the New England Journal of Medicine. The journal said the survey had "nothing to do with the New England Journal of Medicine's original research" and that it "was not published by the New England Journal of Medicine."

    A report on the survey appeared in Recruiting Physicians Today, an employment newsletter produced by Massachusetts Medical Society, the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine, and on the “NEJM CareerCenter” website. The journal said that "NEJM editors had nothing to do with the decision of placing [the Medicus survey] on the CareerCenter. The survey did not go through NEJM's peer-review process. The CareerCenter has nothing to do with NEJM's editorial process."