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    2011 sales show Americans won't buy electric cars


    Electric cars sold better in their first year than hybrid vehicles did

    Electric vehicle sales in 2011 were significantly higher than the sales of hybrid vehicles in their first year, despite the fact that the economy was still recovering from a recession. From a January 2012 post by the Rocky Mountain Institute:

    Figures this week showed that the first mass-produced electric cars in the United States, the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, had total sales of 17,345 in 2011, the first year in which they were available. Compared with sales of 9,350 gas-electric hybrids in 2000, the first year the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius were offered in the U.S.-- where total hybrid sales have now topped 2 million -- 17,000 might seem like a decent start for EVs.